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      Our company is an agent of international aviation, Hongkong IATA, a member of HAFFA, TK, EK package board, SQ, EY, BA, agent TG, AZ, LH, AK, UPS, PR, AM, UL, SV, QR, CV, ET, SA, GF, CX, NZ, NH, OZ etc. airlines, Hongkong airlines cargo directly in the mainland, Hongkong airport, Shenzhen airport and Guangzhou airport as the basis, in close cooperation with the world's airlines, freight forwarding network around the world, reflects the coordination of port efficiency, international logistics capability. Our company has a group of 10 years of international experience in logistics team, providing customers with convenient, efficient, high quality service.

The main business projects:
Professional third party logistics services, agents around the world of international air transport, shipping, international express four people and import and export business; Lanhuo, booking, transit, container consolidation, settlement of freight; Hong Kong customs transit, all in one service. We have built a global shipping agent network, for from Shenzhen, inland provinces to the international logistics business all over the world.

Key advantages:
Europe, the Middle East, South America, Southeast Asia Africa, air bag board, charter services, guarantee accommodation and price advantage.
Network all over Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia:, America, Oceania, Africa and each big port city.
Transit clearance: Hong Kong transit transit convenient.

Business philosophy:
The credibility of the first, customer friendly, efficient service!
For customers to provide quality, efficient "cargo, customs declaration, insurance and delivery" all in one service.
The goods are you most concerned about, you are most concerned about!
We will be deemed to have been served as doing every service!
Please confirm our: safe, excellent service price!


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